Since 2002 Jim des Rivieres has working on a series of images of moths and butterflies local to the Ottawa area. He creates his fascinating, larger-than-life images by placing each moth specimen on a flatbed scanner. Most moth species are very small and are active only at night. Their drab, gray appearance and fuzzy bodies earn them little sympathy.

But for Jim des Rivières, a software developer and hobbyist photographer, moths have an edge over butterflies: They’re ever more interesting, varied, and surprising. Impressively real, the artist’s prints have a 3D quality, which demand attention. Each of his large-format prints draws out an individual species’ intricate details—iridescent eyespots, fringed antennae and appaloosa-like spotting.

I do all my own printing in my home studio. I’m currently using Epson 3800 (17″) and 9800 (44″) printers, Epson Ultrachome K3 pigment inks, and Epson fine art media. Between these printers I can do anything up to 40×60″.

I try to give my prints a remarkable richness and depth that’s difficult to appreciate without actually seeing a print. My fine art prints are so 3-dimensional that people instinctively want to touch the print to feel what the moth is like. They really are that life-like.

I will be more than happy to provide prints or any of my moth and butterfly images in specific sizes. If you see anything you like, just convo me and I’ll create a listing.

-Jim des Rivieres