Jo Fischer is an outstanding artist whose photography can be considered as a medium of interpretation and expression, and not as a mere documentary record of visual facts. Counciously observing the world that surrounds him, and with the ability of capturing just the right moment in time, he creates aesthetically pleasing but outright photos depicting a lifestyle influenced by the glamour of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the intimate poetry of the urban life.

Touring as a musician for more than sixteen years, literally living a life based on sex, drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll, Jo Fischer took up photography only few years ago. In a short period of time he became one of the much asked for commercial photographers up to date, and he assembled a striking body of work including straight-forward portraits which become timeless in black and white.

His latest project, tilted “Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch”, is a study as well as a celebration of urban people: Always using the same backdrop, the same light, the same distance and camera settings, Jo Fischer invites 1000 people to sit at a small dining table one by one. In a short and intimate moment the snapshot is done, bringing to eye the exceptional individuality of the person infront of his eyes. Amongst the depicted participants are actors as well as homeless people, fashionistas but also the skater kid from next door. And even though the project is still in progress, the result seems already brilliantly clear: Jo Fischer will present us a stunning crosssection of the urban population – and in its sum an honest portrait of the urban here and now.

Jo Fischer (*1970, Berlin) lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. He has exhibited in galleries and exhibition spaces in his native town. He will be presented by heliumcowboy artspace in October 2010 with his first major solo exhibition.