Top advertising photographer Joe Felzman has won the Product section of the Hasselblad Masters Awards – a testament to the 35 years he’s spent working for a succession of the best advertising companies and designers.

Having graduated from the Brooks Institute in 1977 with a BA in Illustrative Photography, Joe now runs a successful studio located in the city of Portland, Oregon.

“I’ve used Hasselblad cameras since 1974,” he says, “and I’m still using my 500CM, a wonderful lightweight piece of machined art. I also have three 500 ELMs together with 50mm, 80mm and 150mm lenses. The 80mm in particular is great for a whole range of photographic situations: you just add an extension tube and you can go in for amazing close-ups.” The award has delighted Joe and it’s fired him up to look at ways in which he can build on his still life expertise to create a memorable contribution to the ‘Evoke’ project. “I’ve got many ideas that I want to explore,” he says, “which include featuring products juxtaposed with other items that have been, or are, significant, important, groundbreaking and legendary. These images will highlight great product designs that have stood up to the test of time.”