Joe Hendricks is an professional photographer traveling America in an Airstream with his family for an entire year. Joe shoots a lot of landscape and wedding photography.

My dream is to make a living as a professional photographer while travelling America and this is how I’m making it happen!

– Joe Hendricks

So he sold his house, cars, most of his possessions and bought a 30ft Airstream to travel the USA with his family and to capture stunnning landscape photographs.

In 2016, we are traveling America in our Airstream! Rhonda and I have been dreaming of this day for a long time. It all started with a trip out west that made my family come alive in a way I’d never seen before! The landscapes of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Utah, Colorado, etc. left our jaws on the ground. We wanted MORE. A man needs an adventure, and his family needs to be a part of a great adventure, so that’s exactly what we are doing! Oh… and we are bringing my mother-in-law Kitty. She hated assisted living, so we thought, why not bust her out of there and “Show Mom America!” It’s not going to be easy, but doing the right thing never is.

– Joe Hendricks

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