John Stember was born in London. He opened his first photography studio at age nineteen. He was based in New York for many years as a successful fashion photographer shooting fashion / beauty for Vogue, Glamour and other Conde Nast magazines plus many other publications / advertisers around the world. In 2002 he sailed his boat the 7000 miles from New York to Tahiti in French Polynesia and for the past decade he’s been focused on Fine Art Photography in Tahiti where he now lives. John’s ‘fine art’ work is strongly influenced by the ‘Primitivism’ movement as he believes primitive man was closer to the source of creativity than civilized man. He is focused on the beauty of Polynesian women and their intimate relationship with nature and the earth as he imagined it to be during the dawn of time. His first book ‘Te Hine Manea’ (Divine Femininity) was published in 2004 in Tahiti French Polynesia. He’s now working on an exhibition of his new work titled ‘Heaven and Earth’ to be exhibited in New York and Paris during the coming year.