Over his career Joshua Allen Harris has gained valuable insight from his many different positions for several established brands. Whether he is coordinating floor sets, building window displays or wardrobe styling, his creative influence and steady demeanor has allowed him to negotiate the ever changing retail landscape.

Recently Joshua has embraced photograph as a way to express and challenge his creative interests. Subtle gesture, simple compositions and dynamic light fill his photographs with a timeless beauty. His pictures tend to revel our soft, intimate moments while also referring to the collective human experience.

Whether it’s conceptualizing marketing campaigns, pursuing personal projects or wardrobe styling for major retailers, Joshua finds interesting and unique perspectives that define and inform his aesthetic. He is an insatiable and passionate artist who enjoys solving visual challenges and playing in the diverse realms of fashion, art, design, and social media. His practical skills and experience in these industry combined with an artist’s understanding and emotion resonance make him exceptional creative force.