Joshua Hoffine is an internationally renown Horror Photographer, who was born in 1973 in Emoria Kansas. He received his BA in English Literature from Kansas State University and shortly after graduation, Joshua started making photographs. Hoffine focuses on the childhood nightmares and his horror photography is meticulously detailed and absolutely amazing. He uses elaborate props, special effects, and the entire scene is acted out live in front of the camera.

Joshua uses his daughters as models in his macabre and menacing masterpieces. He created a collection exploring the nature of a scary story. Hoffine said he was inspired to create the scary images after reading bedtime stories to his four daughters, two of whom appear in the photographs.

“They evolved out of an interest in Jungian psychology and the iconography of fairy tales. I was reading fairy tales to my daughters at night, and wanted to create a series of photographs based on fairy tale imagery. While I was working on this project I came to realize that many of the classic fairy tale archetypes – like the witch, the ogre, the monstrous wolf – also existed in modern Horror films.

– Joshua Hoffine

You can now officially pre-order Horror Photography Book by Joshua Hoffine via Kickstarter.