Kajetan Kandler was born in 1963 in the south of germany. During studying design he received a scholarship for the Pasadena Art Centre Los Angeles. Upon finalizing his studies he went to assist designated photographers in the US and Europe.

In 1994 Kajetan started his career as a freelance photographer based in hamburg. He has since been working very successfully in comprehensive genres. As the scope and depth of his work demonstrate, capturing authenticity and emotions, staging strong and striking aesthetics do not come as a contradiction to him, but merely express his versatility.

“I just love what I do …Kajetan says with a smile… entering all these different spheres, meeting such a variety of people … it makes me grateful. Regarding my work, I like to think of it as a binding process of everybody involved, which also means you respect everybody. ” Nevertheless, whatever the subject, as soon as I get started my objective is always to take the idea to the “highest level possible”.