Karen Kuehn is a talented photographer who was born in 1959 in Long Beach, California. Karen’s work has appeared in national publications such as Time, Newsweek, Garage, Reader’s Digest, Vanity Fair, More, People, and The New York Times. Her subjects range from Muhammad Ali, William Wegman, Spike Lee, common folk, chance meetings with strangers on the streets are all revealed with high regard and equal respect. Kuehn shoots a lot of portrait, celebrity, lifestyle and landscape photography. She continues to travel the world on assignments and personal projects, and in her spare time she shares her experience and artistic perspective through one-on-one workshops and speaking events.

In 2001, Karen Kuehn evolved her career toward art by moving to a farm in New Mexico where she focused on creativity and raising her son. Still taking a range of assignments, karen prefers nature to pavement.

I am a passionate person about whatever I am doing…be it journalism, art concepts, family and friends, tending the farm, camping and so on…and the list is large! I am curious and creative. I can say that for the last 30 years I have made my living doing photography. I am grateful for all the assignments…they have sustained my life to date. I love telling a story with my camera. I say this humbly but I think I have been given an extra sense about things and how to share and translate a soul or place in one image or more.

-Karen Kuehn