Parisian young photographer, aerospace engineer and world traveler, Karl Hab, recently released his first hardcover book called “24H Los Angeles”. The pictures from the book range sporadically from 2007 to 2015 – all different times Karl found himself flying high above Los Angeles in a helicopter. Hab focuses on the LA’s many colorful tennis courts, football fields and basketball hoops. “I’ve always found these courts fascinating. The viewpoint from above shows them to be very unique, and they are quite remarkable,” he explains.

25-year-old photographer has hit new heights with his latest collection of aerial images that captures LA’s unique sporting landscape. “I discovered an atmosphere, a vibe, a feeling, something that can only be described using pictures… I tried to show in this book how LA feels to me, trying to capture a certain essence of this city from a different point of view.”

“The playing fields caught my eyes during my first helicopter flight back in 2013. It’s always amazing to see the grounds of primary schools from that perspective, joyful and full of colour. The hues are very lively, and you can get lost in the geometrical forms, circles, rectangles and dotted lines.”










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