Kate Davies is a Cape Town-based photographer who is fascinated by the many avenues of her craft. An animal and product photographer by trade, Kate’s infrared photography has become her trademark. She has also created the being project, an animal photography passion project.

Kate learnt a lot of what she knows by breaking down and rebuilding every camera she could find. The result is a photographer with an intimate grasp of the medium and a bold affinity for experiment. She moves effortlessly between the specific, informative nature of product shoots; the emotive and personal nature of working with animals; the unpredictable and exciting nature of infrared photography and the creative and collaborative nature of editorial work.

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Her approach to a subject, however, is firmly based in the real. She believes that “the shot’s not about you as the photographer – you have to try and capture the subject’s truth, even if it’s not your own.”

Kate’s cutting edge technical work and her uncompromising search for the truth of her subject has garnered her impressive recognition. Her three Infrared exhibitions have been met with acclaim and she was the only photographer in “Mercedez Benz’s list of “Untamed Creatives”.