Katherine Heise is a talented photographer and mom based in Sydney, Australia. Katherine takes timeless photos of her two children, who she endearingly refers to as “fox” and “lamb.” At her blog Lamb Loves Fox, she keeps a photographic record of her children. She first started taking pictures around her 21st birthday, and though she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography, it wasn’t until she had children of her own that her love of photography turned into a passion.

I had almost finished my degree in Fine Arts (with a major in photography) when I fell pregnant with my first child. I was forced to leave because I had horrible morning sickness. I also felt that I got enough out of the course and was ready for this next challenging chapter in my life. I wanted to document this year in particular as we welcomed a new member to our family. I was inspired by similar projects on other blogs that I follow. My aim is to capture a portrait of my two children every day for a whole year and record them on my own blog. Sometimes the images have stories, or a small paragraph about something that happened that day. A lot of the time I just let the photos speak for themselves.

– Katherine Heise

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Ironically before I had children I didn’t like photographing people. I was more interested in domestic settings and how they spoke about the people who inhabited them.

– Katherine Heise

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