Photographer Katja Kat is now based in Paris and originally from Athens, Greece. She has a BA in Fine Arts painting and photography from the University of Westminster, London. Starting out as a painter and art photographer in London, she has moved towards fashion photography in the past 3 years. Working primarily in France and also in Athens, she focuses on editorials, photoshoots for modelling agencies like Success Paris as well as commercial projects. In her photography she enjoys mixing art with fashion and creates original, daring images.

Recent editorials and publications include: Institute UK, exclusives in Chaos magazine New York in print numerous publications, HUF magazine, exclusive editorial for Ozon Raw in print, Livid magazine New York print, Tinsel Tokyo, Eclectic, Storm magazine Berlin, Chasseur magazine numerous publications, Gaschette South Africa, Oppa magazine including the cover in print, Noctis London, Superior magazine, Gun Le Homme, Wove magazine, Eclectic magazine Paris and others. Numerous editorials in Male Model Scene, Fashionista and other blogs and online magazines, also in Vogue Italy website, photos featured in a group exhibition in Hierro Desvilles Art Gallery.