Growing up deep in the verdant bosom of Bryan,TX, art came as natural to Keith Davis Young as sitting on porches and catching lightning bugs. After picking up a degree from Baylor University and getting his fill of fluorescent lighting, boardrooms, and 5 years in ad agency experience, he struck out on his own as a full-time freelancer. Now specializing in design, photography, and bear hugs.

His photographic work has been featured in many interesting publications, including but not limited to magazines like Vice, Dazed, Frankie, Wilder Quarterly, Mint, Huh, Slice, Positive, The Photo Album: Vol. 1, Tell Mum Everything is Ok, Austin Monthly as well as less tangible destinations like Triangle Triangle, Booooooom, The Quiet Life, and the Shashin Collective. He currently enjoys the hell out of being based in Austin, Texas with his english bulldog, Moose. He will gladly have a beer with you.”