Photographer Klaus Pichler loves unusual angles and a clear visual language which dispenses with artificial staging. His often graphically structured shots are extracts of daily life. These authentic compositions from natural elements offer new perceptions and many possibilities for contemplation. According to Klaus Pichler, “It is important to me that one can always discover something new during repeated viewings of my pictures, so the viewing process is never finished.”

Klaus Pichler is currently working on the Vibes Series of unique reflections – unedited photographs that bring out the character of cities in a brand new way. This cycle has already been photographed in Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Naples and has been continued in September in New York. Ten of the photos of Vienna are published in the 2014 edition of the Swarovski Gem Vision book. Klaus Pichler recently began the StreetArt/Affichée Series – by taking very different viewing angles, he turns old billboards into unique works of art.