Lamberto Teotino born in Italy, lives and work in Rome. Is specialised in the visual arts, where his investigation is mainly developed by analyzing the nature of the image and its perceptual mechanisms. The use of photography, technical and conceptual actions using archival images, employing a philosophical approach to the image in the form of visual installations are the main features of his work. Philosophers (William of Ockham), mathematicians (René Descartes), or anonymus figures (Luther Blissett) inform his work. To the artist what matters is the dissemination of meaning, paradox, the conditions of perceptive alteration and a new conceptual design. A kind of displacement metaphysical, or deviation. As regards the practical aspect, Teotino analyzes the development and deepening of adopted language, be it photographic, installation or retrieved images, with the purpose of diverting the possibilities of the instrument itself to new technical applications. In close correlation with this process is the emphasis placed on thought within the work, in which the investigation of the figure shows a conceptual outcome as the result of historical idiosyncrasies which concern philosophy on the one hand and science on the other, as the social and paranormal aspects of man are investigated. In 2012 Eyemazing Printed Magazine, winner of the prestigius “Lucie Awards”, publish the project sistema di riferimento monodimensionale (one-dimensional coordinate system), which in 2011 received a special mention from the jury of Talent Prize, In the same year he declined an invitation to participate in the Italian pavilion of the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale for the 150th anniversay of Italian unification, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.