Spectacular travel landscapes by Stefan Hofer, a talented photographer, retoucher, and traveler from Chicago who currently based in Grayslake, IL, USA. Stefan focuses mainly on landscape, nature, and travel photography. He educated in finance and banking, and after saving some earnings, he bought 2 things – his first camera, a small point and shoot, and a round trip flight to Europe. “I was lucky enough to have an interest in photography when I began traveling internationally,” Hofer says. He has more than 13K followers on Instagram.

My passion for photography began during a 40-day tour throughout Europe. Wielding a Canon Powershot SD800 point and shoot, I ran down narrow medieval passageways, through piazzas, and around ancient ruins to find unique and interesting perspectives to capture through the lens. Although just a novice at the time, I was able to successfully translate my direct experiences with the camera, even if my initial success rate was very low. I became hooked on photography, and with a better understanding of the art and science, I knew practice and execution would develop my skills even further to create emotional images with higher probability.

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