Laurence Philomene is a talented 22 years old freelance photographer and curator based in Montreal, Canada. Laurence likes to photograph self portraits and boys in dresses where the primary focus lies in the interaction between colors. The gripping aesthetics are not accidental; fascinated by colour theory Laurence has explored and applied these ‘rules’ to her work. Her early experience with photography started back when she received her first camera at the age of five, getting into more serious work when she was around 13 to 14, taking pictures of Blythe dolls.

Philomene’s work has been featured in SNAP Magazine, Elle Girl Korea, Kaltblut Magazine, Laforet Japan, Leméac, Yahoo Style, Shop Inu Inu, Frankie Magazine and many others.

I spend most of my free time napping but when I’m awake mostly watch toddlers and tiaras and play with dolls. I like to explore gender identities & make pretty things.

– Laurence Philomene

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