These elements give the work of photographer Leigh Beisch rare beauty, poetry and warmth. At the same time, Leigh is a very modern professional whose unique gift for visual languages has been shaped by studies in painting and photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Moving from New York City to San Francisco with her husband, an animator, Leigh opened her own studio, quickly attracting major clients like Williams-Sonoma and creating stunning photographs for product packaging and cookbooks.

“My work as a painter influences my photography,” says Leigh. “Color, shape, texture and the boundaries of the frame are subjects in and of themselves and I try to capture an emotional response to the subject and the setting, much as abstract paintings do.”

Leigh’s vision has led to commissions that range from editorials for *surface, Health, and Taste magazines to fresh in-store visuals for Williams-Sonoma and Old Navy. Her personal work, a series of abstract landscapes, has been exhibited widely throughout the Bay Area. Leigh has collaborated with her brother, a graphic designer, and finds new inspiration in daughter Eva Mae. “Family and photography are my passions.”