Levon Biss was born in 1975 and grew up in South London. He trained initially to be an illustrator and it was not until his late teens that he picked up a camera, combining photography with his love of sports.

Much of Levon’s work concentrates on shooting dynamic action portraits that show the beauty of the human form in movement. His keen understanding of the mind-set and extraordinary talents of athletes at their peak gives Levon an easy affinity with his subjects and this very much underpins the technical success of his images.

Levon has also been drawn to cover the culture surrounding sport and the fan’s perspective. His project ‘One Love’ is a brilliant exploration of the global love and passion for football, it took him to 26 countries, produced a best selling book, and an exhibition viewed by 1.2 million people worldwide.

Alongside his sports work, Levon has fulfilled many portrait and lifestyle commissions that showcase his great creativity and flexibility as a photographer, these include advertising shoots for O2, Deutsche Post, Mastercard and Sky and editorial work for the Observer, GQ and New York Times.