Elliot Choy is a talented 17-year-old photographer currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Elliot shoots a lot of landscape, portraiture, lifestyle, and macro photography. “I’m always striving to create fresh content while connecting with the people I work with,” he says.

Photography is my way of capturing light while conveying a story, meeting new people, and having fun.

For me, a big part of figuring out what my photography ‘style’ has come from visualizing my photos. Before I really focused on taking photos deliberately, I just took photos at random and hoped that there would be something in the batch that I liked. However, now I tend to stop and think about the scene I’m visualizing and then I direct my subjects to position themselves in accordance with the image I have played out in my head (but that’s only half the battle and you need make sure to visualize the photo you’re trying to convey during the editing process too). To expand on this idea of visualization, you may have heard someone tell you to “tell a story with your photos”. I never really understood this concept – and even though I’ve learned the value of visualizing photos, honestly, I still don’t understand how every photo you take could tell a story. Sometimes I think photos are successful simply because they’re visually appealing, not because there’s a story behind it. Either way, I can’t stress enough the importance of visualizing your shots while shooting and editing.

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