Category: Lifestyle Photography

Gorgeous Lifestyle Portrait Photography by Caju Gomes

Caju Gomes is a talented 20-year-old self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Caju focuses on portraiture, he shoots marvelous fashion, beauty and lifestyle portrait photography. More info: instagram

Gorgeous Lifestyle Portrait Photography by Paulo Ayres

Paulo Ayres is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in São Paulo, Brazil. Paulo focuses on fashion and portraiture, he shoots amazing beauty, conceptual and lifestyle portrait photography. More info: instagram

Colorful and Vibrant Lifestyle Portraits by Valerie Crowson

Valerie Crowson a.k.a. @snapshots_with_valerie is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in Houston, Texas, USA. Valerie focuses on portraiture, she shoots amazing lifestyle, beauty, fashion and street portrait photography. More info: instagram

Gorgeous Lifestyle Portrait Phography by André Josselin

André Josselin is a talented photographer, filmmaker and artist from Germany who currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. André focuses on portraiture and fashion, he shoots also stunning lifestyle and street photography. Josselin uses his Canon 5d Mark 4 and Leica M240 cameras. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Beautiful Lifestyle Portrait Photography by William Arcand-Desgagné

William Arcand-Desgagné is a talented 21-year-old self-taught photographer and retoucher based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. William shoots a lot of portraiture, architecture and lifestyle photography. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Outdoor Travel and Lifestyle Photography by Wantana Tierney

Wantana Tierney is a talented Thailand-born self-taught photographer and traveler currently lives and works between Oslo and Sogndal, Norway. “After moving to Norway in 2008 to be with the love of my life and being surrounded by the beautiful Norwegian nature, I soon discovered my passion for photography”, she says. Wantana focuses on traveling, she shoots also a lot of portrait, wedding and lifestyle photography. “Although I had no formal photography training when I started out, having studied Science and Business Management at university, I had a lot of time on my hands and my love for photography grow with ... Read more

Gorgeous Lifestyle Portrait Photography by Emily Khan

Emily Khan is a talented 19-year-old self-taught photographer, retoucher and student from New Hampshire, New England who currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. Emily focuses on portraiture, she shoots amazing lifestyle, wedding and beauty portrait photography. My passion is portrait photography and absolutely love meeting and working with new people. Portraiture has helped me meet so many inspiring creatives that influence my work. I love working with nature as a backdrop to my photos, which really helps show the beauty of where I am working. More info: instagram / website

Yoga And The City by Alexey Wind

Alexey Wind is a talented self-taught photographer, filmmaker and artist who was born in Russia and currently based between Los Angeles and New York City. Through his project “Yoga and the City”, Alexey wanted to show people who are committed to yoga philosophy and yoga lifestyle in the big cities, people, who live in the middle of a hustle, but manage to maintain their harmony and happiness. “I was inspired to create this series on my recent trip to India, when I found myself wanting to do something interesting which highlighted the different kinds of people who live in big ... Read more

Dogtown Diary: Franz Steiner Documents The Daily Life in Venice Beach, California

Franz Steiner is an professional German photographer, filmmaker and digital artist who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Hailing from Europe, Franz Steiner adds a distinguished German touch in his work which is characterized by his inventive artistic vision and impeccability in details. His unique perspective on cutting edge trends and timeless quality has expanded the envelope of advertisement by seamlessly merging design, technology and beauty. This appeal makes him sought after by advertising savvy conglomerates which most recently include Apple, Google and Nike. For his series “Dogtown Diary”, Franz captured stunning daily-life photographs of the West coast ... Read more

Canonically Colourful Lifestyle Photography by Bryan M. Ferguson

Bryan M. Ferguson is a talented 29-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Glasgow, Scotland, UK, with a penchant for slime, eyeballs and the odd perversions of strangers. Afflicting to chromophobiacs, my work explores the eccentricities of human behaviour through the juxtaposing concepts of the uncanny and the surreal. I’m fascinated with oddities being in plain sight, having the images drenched in colour is my way of removing the viewers eyelids. More info: instagram / vimeo / website

James J. Robinson Documents Japanese and South Korean Urban Youth Culture

James J. Robinson is a seriously talented analogue filmmaker, writer and photographer from Melbourne, Australia, who’s currently studying filmmaking under full scholarship at Swinburne. James is a half Filipino and half Australian. His first solo photobook “After Hours”, shot around South Korea, Japan and Australia mostly after midnight in locations that leave their lights on over night. This project is aims to give fashion photography a political statement. “As I am guilty of using copious amounts of energy lighting photoshoots and videos, this was an attempt to make fashion photography more sustainable by recycling wasted light as light sources for ... Read more