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Wet Neon: Magical Reflections In Street Puddles by Slava Semeniuta

Slava Semeniuta (best known as Local Preacher) is a talented photographer, graphic designer and artist currently based in Sochi, Russia. Slava celebrates the beauty of neon lights, in his recent photo series dubbed “Wet Neon”, Semeniuta captivates the reflective allure of the slippery streets of Sochi. The artist, particularly drawn to neon and everything cosmic, uses the dazzling light and patterns on water. I love everything that looks cosmic. Neon colors are colors that are rarely found in nature. In the oceans live deep-water creatures that have the property to fluorescence. In cosmos, there are ultraviolet radiation rays which are ... Read more

Stunning Light Painting Portrait Photography by Zach Alan

Zach Alan is a multi-talented photographer, digital artist and educator currently based in Houston, Texas, USA. Zach focuses on light painting with fire, he shoots amazing portrait, architecture, events and landscape photography. The marvelous photos you see here were created in-camera without Photoshop. Alan’s approach involves a wireless remote and either a homemade light, and then he paints in the light effects behind his model (girlfriend). More info: instagram / facebook / youtube / website

Nottingham Road: Long Exposure Nightscapes by Elsa Bleda

Elsa Bleda is a talented French photographer, art director and visual artist currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bleda’s nightscapes clearly reflect her passion for Asian cinema and neon lighting. And for her latest series, she’s treating us to a tour of Nottingham’s neon alleyways. Read also “Cinematic and Dystopian Nightscapes by Elsa Bleda” and “Istanbul at Night: Neon Colors, Foggy and Cinematic Nightscapes by Elsa Bleda“. More info: instagram / facebook

Bangkok Glow: Neon Street Photography by Xavier Portela

Xavier Portela is a multi-talented photographer, art director and retoucher currently based in Brussels, Belgium. After the success of his series Glow a year ago, which showcases night photographs of Tokyo and Hong Kong, Xavier decided to make it an ongoing project with this new selection of photographs featuring Bangkok. Portela traveled to Bangkok to capture the nighttime activity of the bustling city with charismatic charm of the neon-tinged urban landscapes. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Istanbul at Night: Neon Colors, Foggy and Cinematic Nightscapes by Elsa Bleda

Elsa Bleda is a multi-talented 28-year-old artist, photographer, art director and actress who was born in France and currently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a stranger in the night, she explores the cities she calls home, shedding a light on the abandoned nightscapes she encounters. Bleda has a unique aesthetic that is both cinematic and dystopian. My work often contains narrative possibilities rather than a narrative. I do have common themes and an atmosphere in my images; I usually focus on the moments and the places that inspire me then let the story grow itself as I ... Read more

Animal LED Light Paintings by Darren Pearson

Darren Pearson a.k.a. Darius Twin is a talented light-art photographer, painting artist and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. Darren, who works as illustrator, has been light painting since 2008. He first discovered light painting after seeing an image from Gjon Mili that captured Pablo Picasso creating a light drawing called “Picasso Draws A Centar”. Pearson creates mesmerizing site-specific light sculptures using long-exposure photos with the NightCap Pro app on iPhone 6s Plus. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Homolux: Severin Ettlin Emulates the Mystery of Light

Severin Ettlin is a talented self-taught photographer, digital artist and filmmaker from Horw, who’s currently lives and works in Luzern, Switzerland. Severin focuses on fine art, he shoots a lot of portrait, landscape and fashion photography. “Photography is a picture of how the photographer sees reality,” he says. “The starting point and the drive for all my work is the idea that reality is very subjective. It gives me the freedom to let the moment create a work of art.” I try again and again to bring together the mysteries of light, form and colour in a context that reflects ... Read more

Neo Hong Kong Series by Zaki Abdelmounim

Zaki Abdelmounim aka creatiflux is a talented 24-year-old photographer, graphic designer and urban explorer from Morocco, who currently based in Doha, Qatar. For his latest series “Neo Hong Kong”, Zaki visited Hong Kong to capture the city bathed in neon signs. Hunting for what’s left of Hong Kong’s iconic neon signs, an essential element of this cityscape’s visual culture, covering HK’s streets for years with glow, i roamed the dazzling roads aimlessly reminiscing about a dystopian past that only existed in neo-noire cult fiction movies like Blade Runner, trying to burn these lively picturesque streets in my memory before they ... Read more

Beautiful Neon-Colored Photography by Slava Semenyuta

Slava Semenyuta is a talented self taught photographer, illustrator and retoucher from Sochi, Russia who currently based in Minsk, Belarus. Slava loves everything that looks cosmic, these colours seem to him very mysterious and magical fact. Semenyuta uses body painting and Digital Art, he captures his models turning them into cosmic creatures. More info: instagram / facebook / behance

Tokyo in Pink by Xavier Portela

Xavier Portela is a talented Belgo-Portugese compulsive photographer, filmmaker, creative director and traveler currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Xavier started his career as a multimedia developer working mainly in agencies in Belgium. On a recent trip to Japan, Portela released his new “Tokyo’s Glow” pink-hued series of photos that capture the Japanese capital at night. Brussels-based photographer says he wanted the images to “look like they were straight out of a manga”. More info: instagram / facebook / vimeo / website

Mysterious and Low-Light Photography by Camillo Longo

Camillo Longo is a talented photographer and designer, who was born and raised in the Antelope Valley and currently based in Los Angeles, California. Camillo received his BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design in 2012. He captures stunning mysterious stories with moody atmosphere by reining in his lighting to minimize spill. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Aerial Lighting in Transient Eclipse Project by Jeffrey Moustache

Jeffrey Moustache is a talented photographer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. Moustache received his BFA in Photography in 2009, he shoots a lot of fashion, editorial and commercial photography. For his newest series “Transient Eclipse”, Jeffrey uses drones to create unique aerial lighting. More info: instagram / website