Esteban Brocos is a talented self taught photographer, who was born in Piura-Peru in 1983 and currently based in Panama. Esteban studied industrial design at the University of La Plata in Argentina. He shoots a lot of beauty, food and commercial photography. For his new series “Lights Out”, Brocos dressed a model with 300 light bulbs (and more than 2,020 watts of power) and traveled through Panama to capture these striking photos.

Have you ever thought about who will be the last one in this planet to go out and turn off the lights? This is a journey through real places where premonitions have already come true and a light dress reminds us that we are slowly using up everything.

An arduous project, which took me a long time to prepare, from conceptualization to realization with an awesome team, we finally make it happen. It took so many days to create the dress, then find the ideal locations and finally the stress was something we couldn´t modify: the extremely short time of natural light in the dawn and in the evening.

— Esteban Brocos

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