Lissa Rivera is a talented fine art photographer and artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Lissa received her BFA from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and MFA at the School of Visual Arts. Her new project “Beautiful Boy”, began as a confession between two friends. Rivera’s friend BJ told her he had worn women’s clothes at university but no longer felt comfortable wearing them in public.

Taking the first pictures was an emotional experience. I connected with my friend’s vulnerability. I wanted to make sure that the images were not a compromise for either of us, and we engaged in many discussions. Both of us have long, fraught relationships with femininity that have fundamentally shaped who we are. Our desires were matched. They had the desire to see themselves and I felt driven to capture their exploration. A part of my own identity that had defied expression also began to emerge. As time went on, we realized that we had unexpectedly fallen in love. He became my romantic partner and collaborator.

I wanted to make images without shame, to show his femininity as strength. I wanted to feel empowered as well, to have an intimate muse. When taking the photos I felt the same as when viewing a film where a director and actress share a deep connection to the fantasy captured. Although our emotional relationship is private and real, we perform a romanticism that is obsessive and decadent. We connect to images, films and records of women that we idolize and consume together.

Lissa Rivera