Andy Seliverstoff is a talented 58-year-old self-taught photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, who started photography 4 years ago. Andy loves dogs, kids and photography. And his book “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” is the extraordinary result of blending the 3 of interests. “In my photography I try to bring my own emotions and interpretation of the moment back in my photo’s,” he says. Seliverstoff has so far spent four months taking these beautiful pictures around St Petersburg.

My passion is photographing dogs of all kind but I have a special love for the Great Danes.

I always take plenty of time with the dog who’s in front of my camera so I get to know the personality of my dog model the best I can. The personality and the character is unique for every individual dog. The human aspects we ofter reconize in our dogs are, among other things, what makes us feel so close to them. And it is this aspect I try to express in my photograhy.

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