Incredible travel scenes by Olivier Wong a.k.a. wonguy974, a talented self-taught photographer, engineer, and adventurer based in Paris, France. With the main focus on nature and urban, he showcases the city in a variety of orange, green, and yellow color schemes. Wong has over 224,000 followers on Instagram and counting. He travels all over Europe to capture magnificent cityscapes, wildlife, and architecture photography.

Born and raised in Reunion Island, I started photography when I settled in Paris in 2013 to work as an engineer. My passion for photography grew over the years as I wandered in the capital city and traveled around the world. Even if Paris is my main source of inspiration, discovering new places, immersing myself in local culture and capturing unique moments from my perspective have consistently fascinated me. My goal is to document my travels through my photographs as I think that every picture has a story to tell.

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