Kyle Didur is a freelance photogapher and designer currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Wanting to become an architect, Kyle focuses mainly on landscape/transportation, architecture and long exposure photography. “However I do shoot the occasional portrait, mostly consisting of family sessions,” he says.

I’ve also focused on abandoned buildings & the cataloging of a Winnipeg Heritage building to virtually preserve their state before demolition or renovation.

He is proficient in using his Canon 6D DSLR camera along with Adobe Lightroom on Mac. “Periodically I will use Adobe Photoshop along with Lightroom for photo retouching, manipulation or restoration,” Kyle explaines. “I love having my creativity challenged from the planning of a photograph, through capture and on to any changes that need to be made in post.”

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I have always been interested in photography. My father was an avid photographer, always looking for the perfect shot of either a train in a rail yard or some type of plant landscape, all with his 35mm Nikon SLR. I have many fond memories of seeing him gaze upward, looking at one of his many slides against the florescent light in his office.










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