Robert Götzfried is a talented photographer and designer from Munich, Germany. For his new project “Looking Down On Munich”, Robert captured an aerial view of his hometown. Taking enticing shots from above, Götzfried focused on the details, abstract patterns and shapes of Munich.

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and for a variety of reasons known: Among football, Oktoberfest and white sausages. It is also the city that I like to call my home – I always wanted to capture “my city” in my own way.

I wondered whether the result of this group would differ to a considerable extent from my Bangkok series. After all, I have greatly changed me in the last four years – as a result of this trip, I’m married now! But it was immediately clear that for an outstanding series something else should it come out, as it street photography usually produces.

That meant no portraits, no faces. It had to be 2.0 Street Photography: I wanted to hide emotions and me instead focus on the presence of humans in their current environment.

– Robert Götzfried

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Here Robert Goetzfried explains how he captured Munich from above for his ‘Looking Down’ project in this behind the scenes video.

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