The world of publishing and typography is Luc Girouard’s playground. It also happens to be his specialty. Luc excels in the creation of layout grids for every conceivable publication under the sun, including magazines, newspapers and periodicals. With 23 years of graphic design experience under his belt, he is able to approach a project with an overall, comprehensive view so that the end result is not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye.

Luc Girouard has made ​​his first photographic experiments since a few years ago already.Today, it’s has an urban landscape photographer that he identifies his art.
Practicing mainly at night, he surveyed the city and it’s forgotten corners of the globe to identify scenes and unexplored landscapes. Without creating pressure on to each of its outputs,it applies to refine it’s vision and testify photographically it’s passage.

With music in the ears, tripod on the shoulder, carried by long night marches, he set up his imaginary and pushes the boundaries of his playground. Wherever he is, he still inspires by calm atmosphere and uninhabited night scenes to hunt that famous magic light. The cold, the wind, the rain, the fog, and the heat are all conditions which transpose curiously light into a spectacular and amazing medium.