Luigi Visconti‘s passion for photography has been life long. Through his practice he captures the essence of a city; it’s history, architecture and life. In 1997 Visconti moved from his home town in Ravenna, Italy to Paris, it was this move and the sprawling metropolis of Paris that inspired him to begin capturing the cityscape. A later move to Abu Dhabi in 2005 led the artist to begin using a large format camera to capture the cities sprawling vistas, fascinated with the sharpe, diverse and ever changing landscape of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and then later New York and Tokyo he learned to explore the cities from every angle, scaling to the top of construction sites to capture the skylines, architecture and the melee of everyday life.

Luigi’s passion has led him to explore different angles in different cities and architecture; Crossroads shot in Havana, Promenades in Europe and the skylines of Tokyo, New York, Abu Dhabi and Dubai each series is created with capturing the essence and life of the city at it’s core. Visconti combines both silver and digital techniques in producing his work then in post production he pulls together different moment from the shoot – which can last several hours – into one, large fictional piece.