Mika Suutari is a talented self-taught photographer from Helsinki who currently lives and works in Nurmijärvi, Southern Finland. Mika focuses on landscaping, she shoots a lot of powerful and atmospheric nature photography. Suutari uses Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and photoshop. “A full moon and I have a strange feeling, I am lunatic,” Mika says.

I like pictures with a powerful athmosphere and I intent to have that in my photography. I hope my pictures convey the feeling I get when I capture those moments.

First, I only took nature photographs. I didn’t retouch or alter the images in any way. I didn’t want the picture to have anything that is not a natural part of the nature. Ever since I started taking pictures, I have felt that the subject or technical quality of the picture is not what matters. What is important is the mood of the image and what it conveys.

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