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Beautiful Butterfly Pictures by Sandra Graf

Gorgeous photos of butterflies by Sandra Graf, a talented amateur photographer, and butterfly lover based in the middle of Germany. Sandra mainly focuses on macro photography. She shoots amazing pictures of flowers and butterflies with incredible and diverse colors. More info: Instagram

Beautiful Macro Photos of Flowers and Butterflies by Monique Felber

Astonishing macro photos by Monique Felber, a talented fine-art photographer, retoucher, and nature lover from Lucerne, Switzerland. Monique focuses mainly on macro photography. She shoots awesome forest, bugs, flowers and butterflies pictures. Felber uses Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera. She has over 14,000 followers on Instagram. More info: Instagram

Beautiful Pictures of Flowers and Butterflies by Adam Gor

Beautiful pictures of flowers, butterflies and caterpillars by Adam Gor, talented 23-year-old self taught photographer, retoucher and biology student based in Hungary. Adam focuses on macro nature photography. He travels accross his native Hungary to capture amazing nature creations. Photography started to interest me in 2000 when I was six years old and I got a Nikon compact camera. At this point I was taking photographs of any alive creatures, I was not paying any particular attention to butterflies. By time caterpillars and their rearing started to interest me, that is how I got close to butterflies and moths, and ... Read more

#macro_perfection: Extraordinary Macro Insect Photography by Eyal Hakim

Outstanding close up portraits of insects by Eyal Hakim, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist currently based in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Eyal focuses on macro and close up photography. He shoots incredible animals, birds, bugs and other nature’s creations. Hakim uses Nikon D800E 36.3 MP camera. Enjoy also Insanely Detailed Macro Images of Insects by Mev Tapiero and Beautiful Macro Flower Photography by Jeferson Silva Castellari. Agapanthia Pustulifera Apochima Flabellaria Caterpillar Beetle Bouquet Dragon Fly Gymnosoma Acrosterni Hover Fly Kiss of Death Longhorn Beetle Mantis Orb-weaver Papilio Machaon Catapiller Red Admiral Weevil Yellow Swallowtail Catapiller More info: instagram

#macro_brilliance: Insanely Detailed Macro Images of Insects by Mev Tapiero

Macro photography proves that small is beautiful…and that applies to insect macro photography too. Here’s a round up of some of the top insect macro photos by Mev Tapiero, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and nature explorer currently based in Karkur, Israel. Mev focuses on macro photography. She shoots creative close up portraits of insects. More info: instagram / facebook

#macro_vision: Macro Insect Photography by Norman Rowsey

Norman Rowsey a.k.a. Texas Photographer, talented self-taught photographer based in Alvin, Texas. Norman discovered photography back in 2015. “I was hooked immediately and believe that I’ve found my calling”, he says. Rowsey focuses on macro and nature photography, specializing in birds, dragonflies, and butterflies. texas_photographer has almost 15,000 followers on Instagram. Along with my wife, partner and scout Marian, we love sharing the visions that inspire us. Nature is an amazing place. The Creator’s critters are amazing. They each have their own personal story to tell, and I try to capture their personalities in my images. More info: instagram / ... Read more

Insanely Detailed Macro Photos Of Insects by Hilman Ramdhany

Hilman Ramdhany is a talented self-taught photographer and adventurer currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hilman shoots a lot of macro, street, landscape and lifestyle photography. More info: instagram

Entomology: Macro Portraits of Insects by Francesco Bagnato

Francesco Bagnato is a talented photographer, illustrator, art director and designer currently based in Milan, Italy. For his latest project “Entomology”, Francesco captured different types of jewel beetles with their chromatic and iridescent exterior. Studied at Dante Alighieri, Bagnato describes himself as an insect lover and breeder. More info: behance

Microsculpture: Insect Portraits Under The Microscope by Levon Biss

Levon Biss is a talented British photographer and filmmaker, who’s typically shoots portraits of world-class athletes. His passion for nature led him to create the striking “Microsculpture” project, a unique photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification. His talent for capturing insects started as a side-project in his home, and featured bugs caught by his son, and now Levon embraced the world of macrophotography and has taken the genre to a new level. Levon Biss used a 36 megapixel Nikon D810 with a 10x microscope objective attached through a 200mm prime lens. Each of his images is composed of around ... Read more

Mindblowing Macro Photography of Insect Appendages by Igor Siwanowicz

Igor Siwanowicz a.k.a. Blepharopsis is a talented 40-year-old Polish macro photographer and scientist, who uses photography and fluorescence microscopy to capture his subjects in extreme close-up. Igor Siwanowicz is also a neurobiologist with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus, who was born in Krakow to a pair of biologists. Siwanowicz captures the striking complexity of insects using a laser-scanning microscope at his home studio in Munich, Germany. “I’ve found the perfect marriage of art and science,” Igor says. “So many people think the beauty of nature is wasted on scientists. But, it’s all so beautiful at any ... Read more

Gorgeous Winners Of Nikon Small World Photography Competition 2016

Nikon Small World announced the winners of it’s microscope photography contest, and this year’s champion – it’s a baby picture of a zebrafish. This is the 42nd year that Nikon hosted the photomicrography awards. Over 2,000 photos from around the world were entered as part of the 2016 Nikon Small World Competition, which celebrates the art of microscopic images. Photographers from 70 countries peered closely at animals, plants and fungi. First place ranking in the Nikon Small World 2016 Photomicrography contest is Dr. Oscar Ruiz of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, for “Four-day-old zebrafish ... Read more