Macro Photography

Microsculpture: Insect Portraits Under The Microscope by Levon Biss

Levon Biss is a talented British photographer and filmmaker, who’s typically shoots portraits of world-class athletes. His passion for nature led him to create the striking “Microsculpture” project, a unique photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification. His talent for capturing insects started as a side-project in his home, and featured bugs caught by his son, and now Levon embraced the world of macrophotography and has taken the genre to a new level. Levon Biss used a 36 megapixel Nikon D810 with a 10x microscope objective attached through a 200mm prime lens. Each of his images is composed of around ... Read more

Mindblowing Macro Photography of Insect Appendages by Igor Siwanowicz

Igor Siwanowicz a.k.a. Blepharopsis is a talented 40-year-old Polish macro photographer and scientist, who uses photography and fluorescence microscopy to capture his subjects in extreme close-up. Igor Siwanowicz is also a neurobiologist with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus, who was born in Krakow to a pair of biologists. Siwanowicz captures the striking complexity of insects using a laser-scanning microscope at his home studio in Munich, Germany. “I’ve found the perfect marriage of art and science,” Igor says. “So many people think the beauty of nature is wasted on scientists. But, it’s all so beautiful at any ... Read more

Gorgeous Winners Of Nikon Small World Photography Competition 2016

Nikon Small World announced the winners of it’s microscope photography contest, and this year’s champion – it’s a baby picture of a zebrafish. This is the 42nd year that Nikon hosted the photomicrography awards. Over 2,000 photos from around the world were entered as part of the 2016 Nikon Small World Competition, which celebrates the art of microscopic images. Photographers from 70 countries peered closely at animals, plants and fungi. First place ranking in the Nikon Small World 2016 Photomicrography contest is Dr. Oscar Ruiz of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, for “Four-day-old zebrafish ... Read more

Nicky Bay Captures the Beauty and Diversity of Mirror Spiders

Nicky Bay is a talented hobbyist macro photographer based in Singapore. “I traveled around the world to explore the jungles because I wanted to photograph all things small,” he says. Nicky captures the beauty and diversity of insects in Singapore’s rainforests through macro photography. He specializes in extreme close-ups of just about every spider he can find. The creature below is called a mirror spider, for obvious reasons — others have similarly descriptive names, including the bird dung spider, the twig spider, the ladybird mimic and the ogre-faced spider. Bay has been observing and snapping images of these spectacular arachnids ... Read more

Micro Galaxy by Joni Niemelä

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”98986,98987,98988,98989,98990,98991,98992″] Joni Niemelä is a talented self taught photographer based in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. He shoots a lot of nature, fine art, bokeh, nature and landscape photography. Niemelä’s work is known for a bold use of distinct colors and tones. For his macro series “Micro Galaxy”, Joni captured dew drops and rain drops on fireweed plants by using high magnification, the droplets look like tiny planets suspended in some sort of milky nebula or they could also resemble seaweed photographed deep underwater. Enjoy also his macro photography.

Daniel Kariko Captured Miniature Monsters Living in Our Homes

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”98551,98552,98553,98554,98555,98556,98557,98558,98559″] Daniel Kariko is an professional photographer and assistant professor of fine art photography currently based in Greenville, NC, United States. For his series “Suburban Symbiosis: Insectum domesticus”, Daniel has created some impressive macro portraits of the most common insects that share our homes or our gardens. These close up portraits are composites of many pictures taken with a scanning electron microscope and a stereoscopic microscope, with the help of tiny LEDs that illuminate the creatures.

Detailed Macro Photos Of Insects by Melvyn Yeo

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”94330,94331,94332,94333,94334,94335,94336,94337,94338″] Melvyn Yeo is a talented self taught photographer from Singapore, who shoots incomprehensible beauty of macro world. Melvyn uses Canon 5D2, 100mmL lens, 30mm extension tubes, Raynox 250 closeup filter, 270ex flash and DIY diffuser.His photos have such detail and attitude, they make me laugh and fill me with wonder at the same time. I love every bug in his Gallery :)

Insects Macro Photography by Sergey Babaev

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”93484,93485,93486,93487,93488,93489,93490,93491,93492″] Sergey Babaev is a talented self taught photographer based in Moscow, Russia. Sergey uses canon 40D camera with 50 f/1.8 and 100 f/2.8 macro lenses. He shoots a lot of macro, urban and nature photography.

Macro Photos of Frogs by Nicolas Reusens

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”87638,87639,87640,87641,87642,87643,87644,87645,87647″] Nicolas Reusens is a talented half-swedish photographer currently based in Madrid, Spain. He has always been interested and fascinated by insects, so three years ago Nicolas bought his first reflex camera with which he started from scratch experimenting and learning the ‘secrets’ of THE macro photography. Reusens has travelled to Malaysia twice(where he met wonderful macro fans), Costa Rica three times, which has been a totally different experience, Peruvian Amazon, South Africa twice, to Ecuador, Mexico, United States and other lovely places around Europe. His choice to user focus stacking arose from a need to ... Read more

Australian Mushrooms in Macro Photography by Steve Axford

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”82881,82882,82883,82884,82885,82886,82887,82888,82889″] Steve Axford is a talented Australian photographer currently based in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. Steve travels all around the world, he shoots a lot of nature, animals and grow rainforest trees. “My photography has been my avenue into this world as it slows me down and allows me to look at things more closely,” says Axford. “I try to combine the beauty I see with some scientific accuracy, so most of my photos could be used to identify things and will show the fine detail.“ -Steve Axford

Macro Photography by Miki Asai

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”75407,75408,75409,75411,75412,75413,75414,75415,75417″] Miki Asai is a talented self taught amateur photographer based in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan. He shoot a lot of macro and nature photography.

Macro Photography by Adam Dobrovits

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”73317,73318,73320,73321,73322,73323,73324,73325,73326″] Adam Dobrovits is a talented self taught photographer based in Hungary. He shoot also a lot of landscape, fine art and portrait photography.

Insect Photography by Ondrej Pakan

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”72223,72225,72226,72228,72229,72231,72232,72234,72235″] Ondrej Pakan is a talented self taught photographer based in Myjava, Slovakia. Microkosmos-It`s another world, which can be seen under our feet. We can discover a world of small monsters. Each fly, bee and spider is a perfect predator or a warring victim in this empire.

Stunning Macro Photography by Kutub Uddin

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”72025,72026,72028,72029,72031,72032,72033,72034,72035,72037″] Kutub Uddin is a talented self taugh amateur photographer and student from Enfield, who currently based in London, UK. He shoot a lot of macro and long-exposure photography.

Parasites by Marcus DeSieno

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”71098,71099,71100,71101,71102,71103,71104,71105,71106,71107,71108,71109″] “Parasites” is an ongoing body of photographic work investigating a history of scientific exploration through images of parasitic animals taken by Marcus DeSieno with a Scanning Electron Microscope and exposed onto dry plate gelatin ferrotype plates. The final images are archival pigment prints from the scanned ferrotype plates and printed larger for these abject animals to confront the viewer at a one-on-one scale. Photography and science have had an intrinsic relationship since its’ invention in 1839. It did not take William Henry Fox Talbot long until he was using his calotype process to capture what was ... Read more

The Mystical World Of Mushrooms by Martin Pfister

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”70940,70941,70942,70943,70945,70946,70947,70948,70950,70951,70952,70953″] Martin Pfister is a talented nature photographer based in Bavaria, Germany. Martin shoot a lot of landscapes and vegetarian photography.

Macro Photography by Joni Niemelä

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”medium” ids=”60718,60719,60720,60721,60722,60723,60724,60725,60726,60727,60728″] Joni Niemelä is a talented nature photographer from Finland where most of his photos are also from. Joni based in Soini, Finland, he shoot a lot of landscape, black and white and macro photography.

Water Drops by Dave Wood

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”58833,58834,58835,58836,58837,58838,58839,58840,58841,58842,58843″] Dave Wood is a talented photographer from Bury, who currently based in Manchester, England. He started playing around with photography in September 2009 after borrowing a friends Nikon. Dave shoot a lot of macro, landscape and architecture photography, but his favourite category is water drops.

Macro Photography by Erez Marom

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”25167,25168,25169,25170,25171,25172,25173,25174,25175,25176,25178″] Erez Marom is a talented photographer based in Holon, Israel, who specialize in macro and landscape photography.

Animal Eyes by Suren Manvelyan

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”23975,23976,23977,23978,23979,23980,23981,23982,23983,23984,23985″] Born in 1976, Suren Manvelyan started to photograph when he was sixteen and became a professional photographer in 2006. His photographic interests span from Macro to Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape, and much more. Suren’s photos have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers in Armenia and worldwide. His latest popular series of close ups of a human eye – entitled “Your beautiful eyes,” together with a similar series on “Animal eyes,” have had millions of views on the Web. They were published by National Geographic, Yahoo!, Die Zeit, The Sun, Daily Mail, The Independent, Telegraph, ... Read more