Magdalena Grześkowiak is a talented self taught photographer and cat owner from Poznan, Poland. It turns out her name is Kate, and she became Magdalena’s favorite subject and helped her pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer.

Her name’s Kate and she’s a rescue cat. When I first met her, in spring 2013, she was 2 months old and she resambled Kate Moss—really thin, with distinctive legs. Ever since she lives with me I can’t stop taking the pictures of her. She’s a supermodel, just like her namesake, and she’s here to stay.

– Magdalena Grześkowiak

Together, they’ve explored Poland and Grześkowiak snapped photos every step of the way.

Magdalena Grześkowiak2

Magdalena Grześkowiak3

Magdalena Grześkowiak

Magdalena Grześkowiak5

Magdalena Grześkowiak6

Magdalena Grześkowiak7

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