Maïmouna Guerresi is a talented photographer, multimedia artist, sculptor and filmmaker, who was born in 1951 in Italy as Patrizia Guerresi where she was raised as a Catholic. Patrizia, who was known in the 1980s for the conceptual feminist work, changed her name and converted to Sufi Islam after marrying a Senegalese man. Patrizia Maïmouna was graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, she inspired by personal experience and cultural contexts that reference universal myths, the sacred realm, and the female condition, all of which are seen as vital expressions of the human form: an essentially spiritual and mystic body. She lives and works in Verona and Milan, Italy, and regularly travels to Dakar, Senegal. After Guerresi joined the Murid Muslim community in Senegal, her work now explores cultural diversity, Islamic spirituality and mysticism, and the roots between mother and child in her striking sculptural and photographic work.

These photographs—which are collected in a new book, “Inner Constellations”—convey a feeling that is simultaneously disconcerting and serene. Haunting and powerful, they invite one into a world in which the visible and invisible have lost their borders and coalesce.

My moods are expressed in my work as faces, color, and emotions, where the body is no longer a prison of the soul, but rather like a temple to house and augment the Divine.

Maïmouna Guerresi

Maïmouna has been extensively exhibited in solo and curated shows all over Europe, America and now India, and the Middle East.