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I started my project ‘Malta Photography‘ after I started taking more interest in photography and coming across lots of beautiful photos on Instagram. However since these users wouldn’t have many followers, not everyone could see them! Therefore I took the initiative of creating the Malta Photography account on Instagram where I can select photos of the Maltese Islands on a daily basis whilst crediting the photographer. People also tag their photos using the hashtag #MaltaPhotography and I then choose from the selection of tagged photos.

I created the Instagram account on the 20th of March, 2014 and after a few days I also launched a Facebook page, followed by a Twitter account a few months after. I also found Pinterest to be a very interesting medium, so I created a board solely dedicated to Malta Photography apart from my page on my website

In a bit over then a year, I gained over 9,000 followers on Instagram and almost 8,000 followers on Facebook from more then 60 different countries worldwide! In fact tourists often consider Malta Photography as a guide when they come to Malta, they leave comments or contact me personally to gather more information.