Maren Caruso is a talented photographer and filmmaker, who was born and raised in San Francisco, USA. Known for clean, conceptual food and product work, her images are characteristically defined by masterful lighting, the play of texture, contrast, and movement, and exceptional precision. Maren picked up her first camera in high school and never put it down. Maren shoots a lot of food and still life photography.

I love bringing an inanimate object to life and will do what it takes to reveal its sweet spot. Highlighting texture and capturing a moment that defines what the object is all about is what I do with each assignment. With over 15 years of shooting professionally, I have learned to focus on an object beyond it’s surface, dissecting it to it’s core and making sure that it’s best side is exposed. My collaborations with stylists, producers and other creatives help to make any product shine and any concept a reality.

-Maren Caruso