The young artist, Mark Dorf, grew up in Louisville, KY in a family based in science and arts. For the past few years he has spent his time seeking out new landscapes and environments to immerse himself within in order to continue his explorations of humanity and their interactions with the natural landscape from where we all once originally came. Mark seeks to understand humanity as an observer in his surroundings, using photography as a tool to explore the curious habitation of the world around us.

Mark currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he creates his images and continues to explore contemporary art.

Axiom & Simulation examines the ways in which humans quantify our natural surroundings through the use of scientific and digital means. As a developed global culture, we are constantly transforming elements of our physical environment into abstracted non-physical calculations in order to gain a greater understanding of our complex surroundings. These transformations often take form through mathematical or scientific interpretations and as a result, the referent becomes a clouded and distant entity. When the calculated representation is compared to its real counterpart, an arbitrary and disconnected relationship is created in which there is very little or no physical or visual connection at all thus resulting in questions of definition – data vs. object and macroscopic vs. microscopic.