Markus Henttonen first got interested in photography through his skateboarding hobby in the´90s. He wanted to see better pictures in the finnish skateboarding magazines so he started to photograph those himself. It didn´t take him long to realize that this was what he really wanted to do, take pictures.
Markus studied photography in Turku Arts Academy in Finland and graduated 2002. Since then he has been working as an artist photographer as well as freelance photographer for both editorial and commercial assignments.

The works of Markus have been shown in over 70 exhibitions in both Finland and numerous other countries; Germany, France, UK, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Poland, China, Italy, Monaco, Denmark, Austria, Norway and Netherlands. Markus is currently living and working in Finland and Germany.

The black windows in the middle of the Christmas lights are like dead gazes on a made-up face. These are not images about houses or Christmas decorations. In these images everything is as far as possible from what we have been programmed to see as safe: sunshine, a bright light that shines from above and illuminates all possible areas of danger so that nobody or nothing can surprise us.