Martin Ollman left traditional film photography 20 years ago – moved out of photojournalism and into computing and the internet and never looked back. Then, a few years ago, he submerged himself in the digital photography revolution.

He’d used Photoshop for 18 years but had never seen a digital negative file. It was a great revelation and stoked a unique understanding of digital tools and software, to say the least. Like riding a bike… a digital bike.

The translation of processing and printing film to digital was as exciting as taking the actual photos and, just like printing in the darkroom, the digital process can still take as long with tricks ad infinitum.

Discovering and playing with all of the different disciples of photography has been exciting and rewarding for more than just Martin. Projected across our monuments for Enlighten, on the pages of nearly every regular publication in Canberra and making waves across the country, Martin Ollman’s impression of Canberra is helping to define it.

Recent clients include: Nike, CSIRO, Ogilvy/IBM, Screencraft, Woodford Folk Festival, Australian National University, The Australian (newspaper), The Monthly, Events ACT, National Arboretum Canberra, The Willemsen Group, Molonglo Group, Andrew Rogers (artist), Fun Machine (band), MusicACT