Martin Stranka is a talented 31 years old self taught artist and photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. Martin uses Canon EOS 5D mark III, he shoots amazing fine art, surreal and narrative photography. Stranka was involved into photography since 2007, he won over 40 major international photography awards including Professional Photographer of the Year, Emerging Talent Award (in the Nikon International Photo Contest), Sony World Photography Awards, EISA Photo Maestro, and International Photo Awards.

My photography project called “I Found The Silence” is like a diary during my last 8 years. When I am alone I may fear that I will somehow live a life of loneliness or I may discover some truths about myself that can be scary or hurtful.

– Martin Stranka

Martin’s work has been described as existing in that narrow space of a few seconds between sleep and awakening. His incredible pictures is showing us the better, more spiritual side of being alone.

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