Rasheed Ingram aka rai smalls is a talented 21-year-old photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer from Woodbridge, New Jersey who currently based in New York City. Rasheed focuses on portraiture, he shoots beautiful lifestyle, fashion and beauty portrait photography. Although born and raised in New Jersey, his passion originally ignited while on a family trip in Maryland, visiting his Aunt and Uncle. Now, Rasheed remains inspired by exploring the busy streets of New York and meeting new people. The bright lights, hustle and bustle energy, unique fashion senses, and larger than life personalities that exude from the city, all contribute to the character of his work.

Rasheed Ingram has turned his passion of creating into a career. By working alongside various brands and models, he has been able to bring the ideas that linger around in his mind, to life with a camera and unique vision. Rasheed has been described as one of the most ambitious up-and-coming photgraphers out of New Jersey. And he is just getting started.

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