When he was seven, Matthew Brush‘s family packed up everything went on a one-way road trip from Dallas to Seattle. They bought him a vivtar 110, and from that point on he’s been working up to this.

Drawing from a formal graphic design education and from a decade of literally chasing moments and people over mountains, into deserts, through parking garages and restaurants and city streets into one ocean or another, Matthew creates compelling images. Images that emote and inspire, and when appropriate, make you laugh.

An accomplished athlete, and photographer, observer of people and culture, Matthew is drawn to those moments and scenes rich in expression, athleticism and style. From dynamic sports like parkour to simple, beautiful, wondrous whatever. To any and all kinetic occasions in life, however subtle, which do something for us. Say something. Mean something. Are something.

To that point, Matthew will do whatever it takes to get a shot. Run through traffic, fall off a chairlift, hang from a cliff, talk to everybody and anybody. He believes in complete and total immersion in a scene and environment, and in the job, whatever it takes to make the photograph. And make it right.