Karen Jerzyk is a talented self-taught photographer, artist and set designer currently based in the Greater Boston area. Karen recived her BA in English from the University of New Hampshire. Jerzyk focuses on extraordinary storytelling portraits, she shoots incredible, fine art, narrative and conceptual photography. “In 2009 I started shooting portraits of people, and ultimately decided to concentrate my focus on photographing models,” she says. “My trademark of shooting elaborate scenes in abandoned buildings (when I find a location, I quite literally spends hours cleaning up and restoring it to what it may have looked like, paying attention to the smallest details such as placement of items in the room) eventually got me arrested in August 2014- I like to describe that particular event as “the best thing to ever happen to me”, after national news outlets picked up the story.”

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I strive to produce photos that tell a story- that connect with the viewer on a personal level. I like to find locations that were abandoned before any sort of technological age, typically locations with relics left in them from 1980 and earlier (the older, the better). My photos are meant to be read like a book, and looked at and thought about often. There is no “right answer” to the ultimate meaning of any one of my photos, as each viewer can read the scene differently. My goal is for my photos to evoke thought and emotion.

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