Michael J Quinn, accomplished and innovative Landscape Photographer dedicated to inspiring people to visit the natural wonders of the world through his images. Michael depicts landscapes as truly immense places to explore, but yet engages and draws the audience into his diverse images and has been lauded for his body of work and his personal style. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1965, Michael was raised in a small suburb outside the city. His Mother, May Quinn, recognizing his passion for photography, provided an SLR as a gift for him when he was a teen A family trip to Colorado introduced him to a new and exciting part of the country…this place affected him greatly and he vowed he would again return to its beauty one day. From there his passion and skill grew. Michael sought out the local high school photography club and yearbook staff for a creative outlet and for a place to share knowledge and skills. Although a self-taught amateur he was sought after for his skills and was commissioned for several events. As his life progressed, photography was put on hold for a long period while Michael went to University pursuing two Engineering degrees and a Mathematics degree, started a family, and pursed his career. His passion lay dormant until later in his life, a turn of fate provided another gift, one of an adventure when Michael struck out on his own to Colorado in 2000. The expanse and vastness of the landscape was an awakening and greatly influenced Michael in ways that would begin to be fully realized. This had been a life-long dream since his teenage years. Re-igniting his passion for photography, He purchased a Nikon Coolpix so that he could share his Colorado adventures with his family and friends and began to hone and refine his style during his adventures around the Colorado landscape.