Michael Lee is a talented photographer, painter and artist based in London, UK. Michael received his MA in Fine Art from Middlesex University London. He shoots stunning abstract and hdr street photography. “Although my photographs appear to be computer manipulated, they are generated entirely within my camera,” he says. “My technique utilises a function for creating composite images of three different exposures. However, instead of keeping the camera in a secured fixed position, I twist my lens, drag the camera and alter focus between and during each exposure. So it’s a way of both acknowledging and rejecting the stillness that this function usually demands.”

My intention is to create photographs that capture more than a snapshot in time. I seek to describe moments which are created in collusion between myself, camera and subject matter. The result is a series of personal, painterly responses to the world that create a dynamic interplay between abstraction and figuration. I am in constant negotiation between the very precise technology of digital photography, intuition and happenstance to produce an elusive image.

Michael Lee uses Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera and EF28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM lens.

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