Michal Pudelka is a talented 25 years old photographer and creative director from Bratiskavam Slovak Republic and currently based in London, UK. Michal shoots a lot of fashion, portrait and commercial photography. He uses both digital and film cameras, Pudelka takes time to prepare the scenes, design the garments, and make up whimsical stories based on what he sees, lives and loves. After starting to study art and fashion in Slovakia and France he left school for good and founded his own fashion magazine, Anonym. Since finishing his studies, Michal has worked with top stylists including Arabella Mills. He has been quickly commissioned as a fresh and exciting new photographic talent for global brands and international editorials including Adidas, Coast Weber Ahaus, Bullett Magazine (NYC), Vision Magazine (China) WTF Magazine (Russia) and been exhibited in New York, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Prague, Berlin and Bratislava.