Michele Bisaillon is a talented 28-year-old photographer and cyber-artist based in Silicon Valley, California. Michele shoots a lot of selfies, but with a very different and challenging perspective. “I started taking photos at a pretty young age. My mom gave me this really cute Barbie camera as a gift for Easter when I was around 5,” she says.

When you use your body in a creative way, you forget about your insecurities because you’re more focused on your creative goal.

Michele Bisaillon is the proud owner of around 50 mirrors of various shapes and sizes. “I use them like telescopes. They’re windows into other worlds for me”, Bisaillon explains.

My goal is to remind myself and others that there is always something missing from the picture; another side to the story. There will forever be simultaneous events occurring in the universe that none of us know about. I find that abundance of possibility endlessly inspiring.

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