Michele Durazzi aka d- Arkroom is a talented photographer and graphic designer based in Florence, Italy. Michele’s surreal minimalist creative project made with 3ds Max and Photoshop captures a surreal and futuristic take on ataraxia, water and white space everywhere. His abstract structures impose a dominating force over their natural counterparts, illustrating the influence surrealism has on both the physical world and the human occupation if it.

It generally translates as tranquility or equanimity, and it’s the telos or the goal of all wholesome ethical philosophy. Pleasure is our ultimate goal, but it’s defined in terms of not having perturbation. Therefore, pleasure and ataraxia are tread as one and the same. The entire system of Epicurus’ teachings is meant to cultivate this quality, which makes perturbation (defined as mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation) the enemy of the philosopher.

– Michele Durazzi

“The relationship with the human presence determines the scale, vastness and at the same time the heideggerian “dasein”, or being-there: the keystone of existentialist philosophy, for which any ontological significance is related to the subject that expresses, both as presence that as language”, explains Durazzi.

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