Australian photographer Tom Blachford presents series of photos of classic, mid-century houses in Palm Springs, California captured under the light of a full moon. From striking composition to otherworldly coloration, each large-scale image—a continuation of a series he developed a year back—lives in a near-dream world. Blachford first photographed Palm Springs by night in 2013 simply because he ran out of daylight hours.

My latest series is my most involved to date and took an uncharacteristic amount of patience and and dedication. Shot over 2 separate trips the images explore the relationship between the moonlight, the forms of the houses and mountains as a backdrop. With our eyes and brains simply unable to process the dimly lit scene resulting images leave you as the viewer confused as to how such an image could exist before us but never be seen. Time is compressed from 30 seconds into one viewable moment. The stars blur into dashes to remind us that even seemingly immovable steel and mountains are actually spinning on a grand scale as our earth rotates on its axis, and in turn around the sun.

– Tom Blachford

The evocative results have captivated Blachford to revisit Palm Springs for 5 full moons, including a Super Moon, over the course of 3 years. A pilgrimage to the desert to pay homage to these shrines of hedonism.

Tom Blachford2

Tom Blachford3

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Enjoy also his aerial photography.

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